We supply state-of-the-art alarm monitoring software for security control rooms.

Our software is used worldwide by brand-named firms and banks. They use it to monitor home and business burglar alarms, hold-up and panic alarms, fire alarms, frail-care alarms, fridge alarms and many other essential alarms is monitored and responded to, using our alarm monitoring system.

The software drives alarm control rooms that currently monitor the alarms securing homes, factories, resorts, mining houses, offices, old age homes, banks, chain stores and high risk sites.

Our systems automates the entire tracking and response from alarm activation through to successful handling of the alarm event. Our alarm monitoring software is scalable from a single user to more than 100 stations. It grows with you as you grow so that your investment in alarm monitoring and automation software is protected.

We back our softare systems up with 24 hour standby support.

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Albert Einstein 

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